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D|G Studios

Designed and built to showcase their collection of portfolio projects with large feature images, the D|G Studios website combines clean and simple organization and the jQuery UI for interactions and effects. The design also incorporates a thematic use of the circle and candid portrait photography as a component of their recent brand refresh.

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WHR Architects

A simple, consistent approach was taken towards the application of the identity across businesses and markets while the accompanying supergraphic takes on a visually predominant role.

erika guillory page business card designerika guillory page business card design

Erika Guillory Page

Letter-pressed, two color business cards were produced that reflect a sense of tactility inherent in the artist’s work. The cards were printed on 220 lb Lettra Cotton and were finished off with painted edges.

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A calendar that combines collage, silkscreen, pen and ink, found paper, airbrush, spray paint, hand-drawn typography and other printing techniques explores the meaning of words and phrases found on the greenback.

cova illustrationcova illustration


Created as typographic and textural studies during the Cova Wines brand identity creation process. Found type, flourishes, color and textures relate, metaphorically speaking, to the textures found in wine.


HOW International Design Annual 2009
HOW 2009 International Design Annual Label

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Daren Guillory is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator based in Texas. When not designing, he can be found playing basketball, running, biking, swimming or most often spending time with his wife and two children.


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